Friday, April 25, 2008

19. Horizons (324 pp.) by Mary Rosenblum (Apr 25). Mary Rosenblum is another one of my CW2008 instructors. I actually chose this book because I thought the cover was cool which I'm sure the publisher would be thrilled to hear. Something about a big cylindrical city floating over earth - I wanted to read that story. The story is about how people born in this environment evolve into something that doesn't seem human but is and how everyone else reacts. That's a pretty simplistic summary. There are lot of politics in here that are good food for thought. Fun book.

Friday, April 18, 2008

18. A Princess of Roumania (460 pp.) by Paul Park (Apr 18) I picked this book up because Paul Park is one of my instructors at Clarion West this summer. I liked it as soon as I started it but it grew on me the more I got into it. The protagonist is a girl in our world who ends up really being from another world that's like Europe only different. Our world is a fake. Her transition between the two worlds causes her a lot of problems, meanwhile there's this evil Baroness who gets a lot of pages in this book and at times became more interesting than the protagonist. Good book. I'm going to continue with the series eventually.

Friday, April 11, 2008

17. Born Standing Up (207 pp.) by Steve Martin (Apr 11). One of my friends at work told me he had just read this book and really enjoyed it and then I went home that night and found, by coincidence, my husband was reading it. Steve Martin writes about how he became a stand-up comedian starting as a kid doing magic tricks and then through the huge success of his comedy tours until he gave it up and focused on movies. There's something very sweet about the way he tells his story and he should be the poster child for all things related to perseverance because when you read about the early days, it's hard to imagine how he stuck with it and how he ended up so successful. Recommended.

Friday, April 4, 2008

16. Red Thunder (411 pp.) by John Varley (Apr. 4). I know I got this book for Xmas because I asked for it but I'm not sure where I heard about it first. I ended up liking it way more than I thought when I started it. For the first 30 pages I was thinking: okay, kids want to go into space. This is nice. But as you get into it, there are these incredible characters and a family forms from people on the fringe who are attempting this crazy adventure. Jubal was a fabulous character who steals every scene he's in. My only complaint is that it was a tad long and repetitive in spots. They didn't get to the adventure until page 300 and once that got going, Jubal all but disappeared (for reasons related to the story, but still.) Recommended esp. for people who love space travel stories.