Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Black Powder War: Temeraire Book 3

by Naomi Novik (365 pp)

Ug, my book reading is SO pitiful. And my huge stack of magazines and digests that I managed to go through over xmas is completely built up again. I wish I could take a day off just for reading. But if I take a day off it's going to be for writing.

I read book 1 (#1) and book 2 (#12). I loved the first one. I thought the second one was okay. This one was also okay. I'm not sure I'd read another one. The series is an alternate history of the Napoleonic wars only with dragons. What I loved about the first one is that there was a lot going on. Temeraire hatches out of an egg and is brand new in this world. The protagonist, Will Laurence, has his entire life set on a wildly different course due to his contact with this dragon. That was fun and interesting. Now Temeraire is stuck on equal rights for dragons, not just beasts of burden, and it's not so cute after awhile. The battle was more interesting. Recommended for fans of the series.