Sunday, April 30, 2017

1. A Long Way To A Small Angry Planet

By Becky Chambers (357 pp ebook)

OMG. Can this be real? This is the first book I've finished in 2017? I have been barely able to keep up with my New Yorkers. (I recommend this great essay about taking an aging parent on an Odyssey themed cruise and this short story by new-to-me writer Emma Cline.) I made some ridiculous writing goals which kicked my ass and then broke my brain so my reading has dwindled. It's a crisis. When I finish the latest book, I'm taking a month off and concentrating on reading.

It took me about 6 weeks to finish this, which is no reflection of my feelings about the book which I enjoyed a great deal. It's about the crew of a Firefly-like spaceship and focuses more on the people and their relationships than crazy space adventures, although there is some of that, too. Recommend.