Friday, April 23, 2021

6. Children and Fire

By Ursula Hegi (272 pp) Hegi wrote a book called Stones from the River that was published in 1994 and later became an Oprah book so it was everywhere. I read it a long time ago but as I recall it was set in a fictional German village during the time leading to, during, and after WWII. This book takes place in the same village on a single day in 1934 with flashbacks and concerns a young school teacher dealing with her students and learning of her troubled history. Hegi is an incredible writer and this story is easy to read and completely devastating. Recommend.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

5. The Queen's Gambit

By Walter Tevis (244 pp ebook) I'm not sure I would have enjoyed this book as much if I hadn't just watched the TV series. I had such a strong visual as I read. It's about a girl who is orphaned and learns to play chess from a janitor at the orphanage. She busts ass to compete at the highest level. Thoroughly enjoyed both. Recommend.

Friday, April 9, 2021

4. Ship of Destiny

By Robin Hobb (789 pp) I thoroughly enjoyed these books but also when I got to the last 300 pp of this one I was ready to be done with the series. I made a joke about taking a day off work just to finish. But now that I'm done I've learned all kinds of details that I missed. I can't imagine reading them again now, but perhaps someday. All the threads of the story manage to converge in a thrilling series of events. Most of the characters get what they want but not in the way they expected. Great series.