Monday, August 29, 2022

28. Glitterland

By Alexis Hall (286 pp ebook)

I keep finding books that I finished and never posted. How could I have missed this one? Incredibly charming M/M contemporary romance set in England featuring a guy suffering from mental health issues who meets a guy who in the U.S. would be Jersey Shores. I know. You can't see how that would work but it does. The characters are funny and sweet. I can't wait to read more books by this author.

27. Pocket Workshop: Essays on Living as a Writer

Eds: Tod McCoy and M. Huw Evans (196 pp ebook)

I had this on my phone and read it on and off on the bus. It's a bunch of essays by instructors from the Clarion West Writers Workshop about writing and living as a writer. Lots of good stuff in here.

26. Middlegame

By Seanan McGuire (528 pp ebook)

I don't know what to tell you about this book. I LOVED the Wayward Children Novellas #5, #2, #1, #4, and #3. This book did not work for me. I couldn't connect to the characters or the story. It's about a set of twins created by evil people who want power.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

25. Ashwin (Gideon's Riders #1)

By Kit Rocha (369 pp) ebook

This author was recommended to me a long time ago and I grabbed this book for my trip. Post-apocalyptic setting with sexy warrior guys on motorcycles with some sciency human-upgrades. In this one an emotionless genetically engineered soldier has to infiltrate these other warrior guys but also he's in love with a beautiful military doctor lady who is part of the warrior guys. (So he's not as emotionless as he thinks.) Rated: super spicy.

Monday, August 22, 2022

24. Making Their Vows

By Jessa Kane (103 pp) ebook

I went on a girls weekend trip that did not go as planned but before that, I loaded up my ereader with fun trashy books. This author was recommended for bananas characters and plot twists and then the name turned up again. I put this podcast (Fated Mates NYE 2020) on my phone. It's hilarious -- I want to be friends with these women. This is a very spicy novella about an 18 year old who amateur boxes to pay the bills and support his sister, Tulip, because their parents are drug dealers and do not provide a safe home environment. He spots a beautiful rich girl (also 18) whose dad wants her to go to Harvard but she really just wants to be a school teacher. Once they meet they can't live without each other in a world that wants to keep them apart. Not my main type of book but quick, easy read. Would read another by this author.

Monday, August 1, 2022

23. Firekeeper's Daughter

By Angeline Boulley (488 pp)

I went out of town for a wedding and had a relaxing weekend where I could read a whole book! It was amazing. This is a YA book set in Ojibwe country in Michigan, very page turny. I loved it. All your favorite YA dramatic tropes with Indigenous culture and amazing setting. The MC Daunis gets wrapped up in a drug investigation -- lots of secrets and surprises. Recommend.