Sunday, September 22, 2019

26. Fates and Furies

By Lauren Groff (390 pp)

This book was a gift from about three years ago and I've felt guilty about not getting to it for so long. The reviews on this are interesting because people seem to love it or hate it -- which is one of my favorite kind of books. I loved it but I shared some the reservations of the haters. The book is about two complicated characters and their marriage told from both perspectives. But it's almost like two different stories. It gets melodramatic and some of the characters do implausible things but I liked the unexpected developments and various relationships.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

25. Prairie Fires: The American Dream of Laura Ingalls Wilder

By Caroline Fraser (516 pp ebook)

This book is about Laura Ingalls Wilder's real life with deeply researched reporting about what was going on in the United States at the time: history, economy, politics, society. The first section about what was going on during the time the books are set -- is riveting. Laura's real life is interesting but also together with historical events - I learned so much. The books are an idealized version of what really happened and the facts are sometimes heart-breaking and sometimes aggravating. I remember as a kid thinking it was so unfair that the government made them leave their little house on the prairie after all the work they did. Now: HA! Settling on Osage Indian lands - shame on you, Pa. The section about her daughter, Rose, is long and hard to read. She was not a wonderful person. Overall, highly recommend to Little House fans and still recommend to people interested in U.S. history.