Sunday, March 18, 2012

9. The Secret History

by Donna Tartt (503 pp.)

Both Keetha and the Awl (this month's classic trash!) mentioned The Secret History recently. I read this book close to when it came out (1992). I thought it was when I still lived in California but the dates don't line up. This is the first time I've re-read it in its entirety and it mostly holds up. It's about these college students who kill one of their classmates (not a spoiler, this is on the first page) and then goes back and explains what happened. It's a tad long and tedious in spots. Too much lounging around smoking/drinking/doing drugs/sleeping/not sleeping - this college is nothing like the one I remember. I think even Tartt made a crack about all the knocks on doors in this book. But mostly it's fun and easy to get wrapped up in. The scene at the classmate's funeral is brilliant.

And look at me. Already 9 books for this year and three of those fatties!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

8. Bird Cloud

by Annie Proulx (234 pp.)

I think this is mainly a book for Annie Proulx fans. And I am one. It's a memoir about the house she built in Wyoming. Also covered: personal history, Wyoming historical tidbits, nature-y stuff. If I learned anything, I never want to build a house. But I would love to live in this house for an extended period of time and watch the birds and landscape. It sounds amazing.

I am going to add that I finished this book in the middle of the night suffering some major indigestion after a delicious Italian meal (where I ate too much). If I have terrible indigestion I prefer to sit up until it passes so I managed to do a chunk of reading that night.

Friday, March 2, 2012

7. The Wise Man's Fear

By Patrick Rothfuss (994 pp)

This is the second in a series. I finished the other one last month (book #4). Mostly I enjoyed it but I had a few problems with it. This morning I spent way too much time reading threads discussing the book and those readers pointed out some things that I hadn't considered and that address the gist of my problems. More epic fantasy story. Recommend.