Tuesday, October 27, 2015

25. Voyager

By Diana Gabaldon (1057 pp)

Yeah. I had to run out and buy the next volume. I'm pretty sure I read something between this and the previous volume but I can't remember what it is right at this moment. Goodness, this is one long enjoyable soap opera. I could not wait to see Jamie and Claire back together and my wish was fulfilled. Then they had all kinds of crazy adventures with new characters and previous characters. Lots of new locations. I thought she was setting up for a cliffhanger and I was ready to curse her to the stars. It's an arguable cliffhanger. There are threads of the story still undone that I would like to see wrapped up but I can get on with my life without running out to get the next volume. And good thing. Have I mentioned I have fallen into the bargain ebook trap? I have a lot of reading to do.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

24. Dragonfly in Amber

By Diana Gabaldon (813 pp. ebook)

Back in 2012 I read Outlander which I enjoyed as a big fun cheesy book. I wasn't in a big hurry to continue with the series but I watched the TV show and decided I would read the next book to get ready for the next season, whenever that is. I'm always reluctant to start giant books because I don't always have huge chunks of reading time and it's tough to get into them and I end up reading 1 book for months. I had a long plane trip and started it then. The story is about a woman named Clare from 1945 who time traveled to 1743 and fell in love with someone in that time and had a load of adventures. As this book opens, she's back in her modern time, which is now 1968. This is the hook, how and why did she come back and what happened to Jamie? The story shifts back to the 1700s and tells an endless story of Jamie and Clare being involved in historical events that lead up to Clare's return. I mostly enjoyed it, but it felt long. When I started, I didn't think I would continue with this series, but there are unresolved story bits that I need to see resolved so I'm going to have to track down the next one eventually.