Friday, July 30, 2010

17. The Etched City

by K.J. Bishop (382 pp)

I have no idea where this book came from. Someone passed it on to me. I picked it up with no expectations and ended up loving it. It's a weird dark fantasy/westerny/Sopranosy dreamworld. I don't know how to describe what it's about. There's a guy who has a long history of doing bad stuff who gets involved with violent crime. There's a woman doctor who works in the bad part of town. It's good.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

16. Out Stealing Horses

by Per Petterson (238 pp)

This is a literary book translated from Norwegian about an older guy who retires to a remote cabin and has adventures and reflects about certain events in his life. It's one of those quiet books that sneaks up on you. Recommend.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

15. Scar Night

by Alan Campbell (549pp)

This poor book. I started it before our trip in March thinking it would be something I could whip through before we left. But I only got through about 200 pp and didn't want to take a partly read book on a trip. So I waited until we got home except then I had to finish book #9 and when I finished that I had short stories piled up. By then the book had been shoved back in the reading stack and we know what that means.

By the time I got it back out I had to skim the first 200 pages to remember where I was.

I liked this book a lot but I wanted to love it. It's a dark fantasy set in this crazy city that's suspended over a giant pit with a huge network of chains. I can't believe anyone survives childhood. There are angels, crooked religious leaders, a poisoner, assassins and other weird stuff that would be spoilery to elaborate on. It took me a while to get into which may be due to the way I read it. I would recommend to fantasy fans.