Wednesday, April 24, 2024

10. The Moving Finger

By Agatha Christie (240 pp, ebook)

I have always wanted to read Christie and I bought a trio of Miss Marple in a sale and I think the trio was not Christie's best works. This is the third one and the weakest of the three. It's about a man who suffers an accident and goes to this little village to recover accompanied by his sister. Someone is sending out secret accusatory letters that lead to someone taking her own life. Miss Marple barely shows up except at the very end to help them pull the threads together. The characters are fun but the story has some head-scratching elements.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

9. March

By Geraldine Brooks (320 ebook)

I don't know how I have missed Geraldine Brooks up to now. The March of the title is the dad to the March girls in Little Women. During Little Women he is off as a chaplain in the civil war and this story imagines what he is up to. The writing is phenomenal and the story well-researched and completely engrossing. The story did get long for me. March is sometimes an idiot, and I realize, a product of the times, but his idealism hurts people. Still, very much recommend this book.

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

8. Boyfriend

By Sarina Bowen (256 pp, ebook) I needed another quick and easy to read book and Sarina Bowen delivered again. Abbi needs a fake boyfriend for Thanksgiving due to awkward family situation. Dreamy Weston signs up for the job. Who doesn't love a rent-a-date romance? Cute and fun.

Monday, April 1, 2024

7. Out of Sight

By Elmore Leonard (352 pp, ebook)

I love Elmore Leonard. The book is great. The movie is slightly different but also great. The story is about a US Marshal Karen Sisco who is trying to bring in escaped criminal Jack Foley who is quite the charmer.