Saturday, December 14, 2013

37. The Fault in Our Stars

By John Green (313 pp)

I didn't really read this book in one day. I finished Verona the day before yesterday but forgot change the date when I posted. I read this in two days. This is a YA romance about teenagers with cancer. There is no reason a book like this should work as well as it does and obviously from the set up you know there is no way you are going to get of this without a box of tissues at your side. It's one of those stories that is as brilliantly funny as it is sad at the same time. And instead of hating the writer for doing this do you, you feel content in your sadness. I was thinking about leaving a quote but I'm afraid it might not work out of context. Recommend.

36. A Season With Verona

By Tim Parks (447 pp)
This is a terrific book that very few people that I share books with would appreciate.  It's written by a British man who ends up living in Italy and following the soccer team in Verona. He decided to attend every home and away game for one season and write a book about it. It's about soccer fan culture in Italy. I LOVED it. At 447 pages it's very long and it felt long at times. But the soccer season is both long and not long enough. I went to my last match on November 24 and already have the pre-season matches in February on my calendar. Here's a quote that perfectly captures it: "Everybody is yearning for that stupid excitement of waiting for a goal, for or against, trembling on the edge of our seats, on the edge of euphoria or disappointment." I have to add, however, that near the end there is a scene of horrifying sexual harassment that goes on forever and was so disturbing I had to skip over it because it threatened to derail my feelings about the entire book. Overall for soccer fans: huge recommend.