Thursday, June 18, 2015

16. Every Day

By David Levithan (238 pp ebook)

(Vague spoilers about the ending.) This is a YA book and the premise is that the protagonist wakes up every day in a different body and lives the life of that person. The body is the protagonist's age which is about 16 at this point. The event that triggers the story is that the protagonist falls for the girlfriend of one of the body's he inhabits. This is an interesting idea - how do you make a story out of a person who is in a different life every day and who can't form lasting relationships? I was curious to see how the writer was going to pull it off. And he almost does, I think with a little tweaking he might have made this work well enough, but as it is, I thought it was weak. The protagonist "fixes" it for the girl, which I did not approve of, and then took an action that violated one of his basic rules of living in these other lives.